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wgs84.h File Reference

WGS 84 geodetic system for ROS latitude and longitude messages. More...

#include <limits>
#include <ctype.h>
#include <geographic_msgs/GeoPoint.h>
#include <geographic_msgs/GeoPose.h>
#include <sensor_msgs/NavSatFix.h>
#include <tf/tf.h>
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namespace  geodesy


template<class From , class To >
void geodesy::convert (const From &from, To &to)
template<class Same >
void geodesy::convert (const Same &from, Same &to)
static void geodesy::fromMsg (const geographic_msgs::GeoPoint &from, geographic_msgs::GeoPoint &to)
static void geodesy::fromMsg (const geographic_msgs::GeoPose &from, geographic_msgs::GeoPose &to)
static bool geodesy::is2D (const geographic_msgs::GeoPoint &pt)
static bool geodesy::is2D (const geographic_msgs::GeoPose &pose)
static bool geodesy::isValid (const geographic_msgs::GeoPoint &pt)
static bool geodesy::isValid (const geographic_msgs::GeoPose &pose)
static void geodesy::normalize (geographic_msgs::GeoPoint &pt)
static geographic_msgs::GeoPoint geodesy::toMsg (double lat, double lon)
static geographic_msgs::GeoPoint geodesy::toMsg (double lat, double lon, double alt)
static geographic_msgs::GeoPoint geodesy::toMsg (const sensor_msgs::NavSatFix &fix)
static geographic_msgs::GeoPoint geodesy::toMsg (const geographic_msgs::GeoPoint &from)
static geographic_msgs::GeoPose geodesy::toMsg (const geographic_msgs::GeoPoint &pt, const geometry_msgs::Quaternion &q)
static geographic_msgs::GeoPose geodesy::toMsg (const sensor_msgs::NavSatFix &fix, const geometry_msgs::Quaternion &q)
static geographic_msgs::GeoPose geodesy::toMsg (const geographic_msgs::GeoPose &from)

Detailed Description

WGS 84 geodetic system for ROS latitude and longitude messages.

Standard ROS latitude and longitude coordinates are defined in terms of the World Geodetic System (WGS 84) ellipsoid used by most navigation satellite receivers.

Many other geodetic coordinate systems can be defined. They should always be converted to WGS 84 when publishing ROS messages to avoid confusion among subscribers.

Jack O'Quin

Definition in file wgs84.h.

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