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ecl::Converter< int, char > Class Template Reference

Conversion from a char to an integer type. More...

#include <integers.hpp>

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int operator() (char c) ecl_debug_throw_decl(StandardException)
 Converts a char to an integer type.

Detailed Description

class ecl::Converter< int, char >

Conversion from a char to an integer type.

This is of course restricted to characters ['0'-'9'].

StandardException: throws if character is outside the range ['0'-'9'].

Definition at line 76 of file integers.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

int ecl::Converter< int, char >::operator() ( char  c) [inline]

Converts a char to an integer type.

This throws an exception and/or configures the error() function for this converter if the input is not a char digit ['0'-'9'].

c: the input char to be converted [0-9].
int : the integer representation of the digit (-1 on failure).
StandardException: throws if conversion failed (debug mode only).

Definition at line 88 of file integers.hpp.

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