The Launch Manager Module

This module manages the launching of capabilities

class capabilities.launch_manager.LaunchManager(quiet=False, screen=False, nodelet_manager_name=None)[source]

Manages multiple launch files which implement capabilities


Callback for events recieved on the events topic

Only handles TERMINDATED events, all other events are discarded.

Parameters:msg (capabilities.msgs.CapabilityEvent) – ROS message recieved on the events topic
run_capability_provider(provider, provider_path)[source]

Runs a given capability provider by launching its launch file


Stops the launch manager, also stopping any running launch files


Stops the launch file for a capability provider, by pid

Parameters:pid (int) – process ID of the launch file process that be stopped.

Custom versions of the which built-in shell command

Searches the pathes in the PATH environment variable for a given executable name. It returns the full path to the first instance of the executable found or None if it was not found.

Parameters:program (str) – name of the executable to find
Returns:Full path to the first instance of the executable, or None
Return type:str or None

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