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value.h File Reference
#include "forwards.h"
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include <map>
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struct  Json::Value::CommentInfo
class  Json::Value::CZString
class  Json::Path
 Experimental and untested: represents a "path" to access a node. More...
class  Json::PathArgument
 Experimental and untested: represents an element of the "path" to access a node. More...
class  Json::StaticString
 Lightweight wrapper to tag static string. More...
class  Json::Value
 Represents a JSON value. More...
class  Json::ValueAllocator
 Experimental do not use: Allocator to customize member name and string value memory management done by Value. More...
class  Json::ValueConstIterator
 const iterator for object and array value. More...
union  Json::Value::ValueHolder
class  Json::ValueIterator
 Iterator for object and array value. More...
class  Json::ValueIteratorBase
 base class for Value iterators. More...


namespace  Json

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation).


enum  Json::CommentPlacement { Json::commentBefore = 0, Json::commentAfterOnSameLine, Json::commentAfter, Json::numberOfCommentPlacement }
enum  Json::ValueType {
  Json::nullValue = 0, Json::intValue, Json::uintValue, Json::realValue,
  Json::stringValue, Json::booleanValue, Json::arrayValue, Json::objectValue
 Type of the value held by a Value object. More...

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