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com.ros.turtlebot.apps.rocon.Util Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 Util ()

Static Public Member Functions

static byte[] concat (byte[]...arrays)
static String getAndroidVersionName ()
static String getHexString (byte[] raw, int len)
static InetAddress getSiteLocalAddress ()
static String getWifiAddress (WifiManager wifiManager, long timeout)

Static Private Member Functions

static Collection< InetAddress > getAllInetAddresses ()

Static Private Attributes

static final byte[] HEX_CHAR_TABLE

Detailed Description

Definition at line 22 of file rocon_android_connector/src/com/ros/turtlebot/apps/rocon/

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Member Function Documentation

static byte [] com.ros.turtlebot.apps.rocon.Util.concat ( byte...[]  arrays) [inline, static]
static Collection<InetAddress> com.ros.turtlebot.apps.rocon.Util.getAllInetAddresses ( ) [inline, static, private]
static String com.ros.turtlebot.apps.rocon.Util.getAndroidVersionName ( ) [inline, static]
static String com.ros.turtlebot.apps.rocon.Util.getHexString ( byte[]  raw,
int  len 
) [inline, static]
static InetAddress com.ros.turtlebot.apps.rocon.Util.getSiteLocalAddress ( ) [inline, static]
static String com.ros.turtlebot.apps.rocon.Util.getWifiAddress ( WifiManager  wifiManager,
long  timeout 
) [inline, static]

Member Data Documentation

final byte [] com.ros.turtlebot.apps.rocon.Util.HEX_CHAR_TABLE [static, private]
Initial value:
 { (byte) '0', (byte) '1',
                                (byte) '2', (byte) '3', (byte) '4', (byte) '5', (byte) '6',
                                (byte) '7', (byte) '8', (byte) '9', (byte) 'A', (byte) 'B',
                                (byte) 'C', (byte) 'D', (byte) 'E', (byte) 'F' }

Definition at line 25 of file rocon_android_connector/src/com/ros/turtlebot/apps/rocon/

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