Class MultiThreadedExecutor

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class MultiThreadedExecutor : public rclcpp::Executor

Public Functions

explicit MultiThreadedExecutor(const rclcpp::ExecutorOptions &options = rclcpp::ExecutorOptions(), size_t number_of_threads = 0, bool yield_before_execute = false, std::chrono::nanoseconds timeout = std::chrono::nanoseconds(-1))

Constructor for MultiThreadedExecutor.

For the yield_before_execute option, when true std::this_thread::yield() will be called after acquiring work (as an AnyExecutable) and releasing the spinning lock, but before executing the work. This is useful for reproducing some bugs related to taking work more than once.

  • options – common options for all executors

  • number_of_threads – number of threads to have in the thread pool, the default 0 will use the number of cpu cores found instead

  • yield_before_execute – if true std::this_thread::yield() is called

  • timeout – maximum time to wait

virtual ~MultiThreadedExecutor()
virtual void spin() override

See also

rclcpp::Executor:spin() for more details


std::runtime_error – when spin() called while already spinning

size_t get_number_of_threads()

Protected Functions

void run(size_t this_thread_number)