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rqt_robot_monitor.time_pane.TimelinePane Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def __init__
def get_diagnostic_queue
def get_worst
def mouse_release
def new_diagnostic
def on_slider_scroll
def redraw
def set_timeline_data

Static Public Attributes

tuple sig_update = Signal()

Private Member Functions

def _pause

Private Attributes


Detailed Description

This class defines the pane where timeline and its related components
are displayed.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Because this class is intended to be instantiated via Qt's .ui file,
taking argument other than parent widget is not possible, which is
ported to set_timeline_data method. That said, set_timeline_data must
be called (soon) after an object of this is instantiated.

:param color_callback: Not directly used within this class. Instead,
this will be passed and used in TimelineView class.

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Member Function Documentation

def rqt_robot_monitor.time_pane.TimelinePane._pause (   self,
) [private]
Should be the only interface for pausing timeline pane and timeline
itself (which is not as of now..).

:type paused: bool

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:return: a queue that contains either DiagnosticArray or
 DiagnosticsStatus. Depends on the parent class -
 if RobotMonitorWidget is the parent, the former type is
 returned. if InspectorWidget the latter.

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:type event: QMouseEvent

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Callback for new msg for TimelinePane class.

Puts new msg into a queue, update the length of timeline. Also emits
a signal to notify another callbacks.
This ignores new msg if timeline is paused.

:type msg: Either DiagnosticArray or DiagnosticsStatus. Can be
   determined by __init__'s arg "msg_callback".

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:type evt: QMouseEvent

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def rqt_robot_monitor.time_pane.TimelinePane.set_timeline_data (   self,
  len_timeline = None,
  color_callback = None,
  pause_callback = None 

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Member Data Documentation

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