Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
bodies::BodyA body is a shape + its pose. Point inclusion, ray intersection can be tested, volumes and bounding spheres can be computed
bodies::BoundingSphereDefinition of a sphere that bounds another object
bodies::BoxDefinition of a box
shapes::BoxDefinition of a box
bodies::ConvexMeshDefinition of a convex mesh. Convex hull is computed for a given shape::Mesh
bodies::CylinderDefinition of a cylinder
shapes::CylinderDefinition of a cylinder
shapes::MeshDefinition of a mesh
shapes::PlaneDefinition of a plane with equation ax + by + cz + d = 0
shapes::ShapeA basic definition of a shape. Shapes are considered centered at origin
bodies::SphereDefinition of a sphere
shapes::SphereDefinition of a sphere
shapes::StaticShapeA basic definition of a static shape. Static shapes do not have a pose

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