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point_traits.h File Reference
#include <sensor_msgs/PointField.h>
#include <boost/type_traits/remove_all_extents.hpp>
#include <boost/type_traits/is_same.hpp>
#include <boost/mpl/assert.hpp>
#include <boost/mpl/bool.hpp>
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struct  pcl::traits::asEnum< T >
struct  pcl::traits::asEnum< double >
struct  pcl::traits::asEnum< float >
struct  pcl::traits::asEnum< int16_t >
struct  pcl::traits::asEnum< int32_t >
struct  pcl::traits::asEnum< int8_t >
struct  pcl::traits::asEnum< uint16_t >
struct  pcl::traits::asEnum< uint32_t >
struct  pcl::traits::asEnum< uint8_t >
struct  pcl::traits::asType< int >
struct  pcl::traits::asType< sensor_msgs::PointField::FLOAT32 >
struct  pcl::traits::asType< sensor_msgs::PointField::FLOAT64 >
struct  pcl::traits::asType< sensor_msgs::PointField::INT16 >
struct  pcl::traits::asType< sensor_msgs::PointField::INT32 >
struct  pcl::traits::asType< sensor_msgs::PointField::INT8 >
struct  pcl::traits::asType< sensor_msgs::PointField::UINT16 >
struct  pcl::traits::asType< sensor_msgs::PointField::UINT32 >
struct  pcl::traits::asType< sensor_msgs::PointField::UINT8 >
struct  pcl::CopyIfFieldExists< PointInT, OutT >
 A helper functor that can copy a specific value if the given field exists. More...
struct  pcl::traits::datatype< PointT, Tag >
struct  pcl::traits::decomposeArray< T >
struct  pcl::traits::fieldList< PointT >
struct  pcl::FieldMatches< PointT, Tag >
struct  pcl::traits::name< PointT, Tag, dummy >
struct  pcl::traits::offset< PointT, Tag >
struct  pcl::traits::POD< PointT >
struct  pcl::SetIfFieldExists< PointOutT, InT >
 A helper functor that can set a specific value in a field if the field exists. More...


namespace  pcl
namespace  pcl::fields
namespace  pcl::traits


 pcl::traits::BOOST_MPL_ASSERT_MSG ((!bool(boost::mpl::bool_< false >::value)), WTF_GCC443,(bool))

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