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PairNode.h File Reference
#include "pano_core/ModelFitter.h"
#include <iostream>
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struct  pano::PairNode
struct  pano::PairNodeData


namespace  pano


typedef float(* pano::PairBlendConfFPT )(float err_new, float err_prv)
 a typedef for easily swapping out the blending confidence function for PairNode. Want to allow low-confidence things to get drawn, but only if they don't overlap something else that has high confidence.
typedef float(* pano::PairMatchErrFPT )(const AtomPair &pair, const PairNodeData &node_data)
 a typedef for easily swapping out the error function for PairNode.


std::ostream & pano::operator<< (std::ostream &out, const PairNode &node)
std::ostream & pano::operator<< (std::ostream &out, const AtomPair &pair)
float pano::PairConfExpLaw (float err_new, float err_prv)
float pano::PairConfInvLaw (float err_new, float err_prv)
float pano::PairErrorAvoidCompassChain (const AtomPair &pair, const PairNodeData &node_data)
float pano::PairErrorInliers (const AtomPair &pair, const PairNodeData &node_data)
float pano::PairErrorSimple (const AtomPair &pair, const PairNodeData &node_data)

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