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OVR_Std.h File Reference
#include "OVR_Types.h"
#include <stdarg.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <ctype.h>
#include <wchar.h>
#include <wctype.h>
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namespace  OVR


SInt64 OVR_CDECL OVR::OVR_atoq (const char *string)
UInt64 OVR_CDECL OVR::OVR_atouq (const char *string)
int OVR_CDECL OVR::OVR_iswalnum (wchar_t charCode)
int OVR_CDECL OVR::OVR_iswalpha (wchar_t charCode)
int OVR_CDECL OVR::OVR_iswdigit (wchar_t charCode)
int OVR_CDECL OVR::OVR_iswspace (wchar_t charCode)
int OVR_CDECL OVR::OVR_iswxdigit (wchar_t charCode)
char * OVR::OVR_itoa (int val, char *dest, unsigned int len, int radix)
const UByte *OVR_CDECL OVR::OVR_memrchr (const UByte *str, UPInt size, UByte c)
UPInt OVR_CDECL OVR::OVR_sprintf (char *dest, UPInt destsize, const char *format,...)
char *OVR_CDECL OVR::OVR_strcat (char *dest, UPInt destsize, const char *src)
const char *OVR_CDECL OVR::OVR_strchr (const char *str, char c)
char *OVR_CDECL OVR::OVR_strchr (char *str, char c)
int OVR_CDECL OVR::OVR_strcmp (const char *dest, const char *src)
char *OVR_CDECL OVR::OVR_strcpy (char *dest, UPInt destsize, const char *src)
int OVR_CDECL OVR::OVR_stricmp (const char *a, const char *b)
UPInt OVR_CDECL OVR::OVR_strlen (const char *str)
int OVR_CDECL OVR::OVR_strncmp (const char *ws1, const char *ws2, UPInt size)
char *OVR_CDECL OVR::OVR_strncpy (char *dest, UPInt destsize, const char *src, UPInt count)
int OVR_CDECL OVR::OVR_strnicmp (const char *a, const char *b, UPInt count)
const char * OVR::OVR_strrchr (const char *str, char c)
char *OVR_CDECL OVR::OVR_strrchr (char *str, char c)
double OVR_CDECL OVR::OVR_strtod (const char *string, char **tailptr)
long OVR_CDECL OVR::OVR_strtol (const char *string, char **tailptr, int radix)
SInt64 OVR_CDECL OVR::OVR_strtoq (const char *nptr, char **endptr, int base)
long OVR_CDECL OVR::OVR_strtoul (const char *string, char **tailptr, int radix)
UInt64 OVR_CDECL OVR::OVR_strtouq (const char *nptr, char **endptr, int base)
int OVR_CDECL OVR::OVR_tolower (int c)
int OVR_CDECL OVR::OVR_toupper (int c)
int OVR_CDECL OVR::OVR_towlower (wchar_t charCode)
int OVR_CDECL OVR::OVR_towupper (wchar_t charCode)
UPInt OVR_CDECL OVR::OVR_vscprintf (const char *format, va_list argList)
UPInt OVR_CDECL OVR::OVR_vsprintf (char *dest, UPInt destsize, const char *format, va_list argList)
wchar_t *OVR_CDECL OVR::OVR_wcscat (wchar_t *dest, UPInt destsize, const wchar_t *src)
int OVR_CDECL OVR::OVR_wcscmp (const wchar_t *a, const wchar_t *b)
int OVR_CDECL OVR::OVR_wcscoll (const wchar_t *a, const wchar_t *b)
wchar_t *OVR_CDECL OVR::OVR_wcscpy (wchar_t *dest, UPInt destsize, const wchar_t *src)
int OVR_CDECL OVR::OVR_wcsicmp (const wchar_t *a, const wchar_t *b)
int OVR_CDECL OVR::OVR_wcsicoll (const wchar_t *a, const wchar_t *b)
UPInt OVR_CDECL OVR::OVR_wcslen (const wchar_t *str)
wchar_t *OVR_CDECL OVR::OVR_wcsncpy (wchar_t *dest, UPInt destsize, const wchar_t *src, UPInt count)
double OVR_CDECL OVR::OVR_wcstod (const wchar_t *string, wchar_t **tailptr)
long OVR_CDECL OVR::OVR_wcstol (const wchar_t *string, wchar_t **tailptr, int radix)
int OVR_CDECL OVR::UnicodeCharIs (const UInt16 *table, wchar_t charCode)

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