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primitives.h File Reference
#include <qgl.h>
#include <cmath>
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void drawArrow (float length=1.0f, float radius=-1.0f, int nbSubdivisions=12)
void drawArrow2D (float len, float head_width, float head_len)
void drawAxis (float length=1.f)
void drawBox (GLfloat l, GLfloat w, GLfloat h)
void drawCone (GLfloat radius, GLfloat height)
void drawCylinder (GLfloat radius, GLfloat height)
void drawEllipsoid (GLfloat r1, GLfloat r2, GLfloat r3)
void drawGrid (float size=1.0f, int nbSubdivisions=10)
void drawPlane (GLfloat l, GLfloat w)
void drawPoseBox ()
void drawPyramid (GLfloat length, GLfloat height)
void drawRangeRing (GLfloat range, GLfloat fov, GLfloat range_width=0.05)
void drawSlice (GLfloat radius, GLfloat height, GLfloat fov, int slices_per_circle=32)
void drawSphere (GLfloat radius)
void initPrimitives ()


GLUquadricObj * g_quadratic

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