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helpers.h File Reference
#include <geometry_msgs/Wrench.h>
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namespace  hector_quadrotor_model


template<typename T >
static void hector_quadrotor_model::checknan (T &value, const std::string &text="")
template<typename Message , typename Vector >
static void hector_quadrotor_model::fromVector (const Vector &vector, Message &msg)
static geometry_msgs::Vector3 hector_quadrotor_model::operator+ (const geometry_msgs::Vector3 &a, const geometry_msgs::Vector3 &b)
static geometry_msgs::Wrench hector_quadrotor_model::operator+ (const geometry_msgs::Wrench &a, const geometry_msgs::Wrench &b)
template<typename Message , typename Vector >
static void hector_quadrotor_model::toVector (const Message &msg, Vector &vector)

Author(s): Johannes Meyer and Alexander Sendobry
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