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xsens_driver: xsens_driver

ROS Driver for XSens MT/MTi/MTi-G devices.

The xsens_driver package provides mtnode.py, a generic ROS node publishing the data streamed by an XSens imu (MT, MTi, MTi-G...).


The ROS node is a wrapper around the mtdevice::MTDevice class. It can publish the following topics, depending on the configuration of the device:

It also publishes diagnostics information.

If the IMU is set to raw mode, the values in of the /imu/data, /velocity and /magnetic topics are the 16 bits output of the AD converters.

The covariance information in the sensor_msgs::Imu message are filled with default values from the MTx/MTi/MTi-G documentation but may not be exact; it also does not correspond to the covariance of the internal XKF.


The nodes can take the following parameters:


It might be necessary to add the user to the dialout group so that the node can communicate with the device.

Author(s): Francis Colas
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