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wxPython_swig_interface._app_ex.App Class Reference

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def __del__
def __init__
def Destroy
def MainLoop
def OnPreInit
def RedirectStdio
def RestoreStdio
def SetOutputWindowAttributes
def SetTopWindow

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 outputWindowClass = PyOnDemandOutputWindow

Detailed Description

The ``wx.App`` class represents the application and is used to:

  * bootstrap the wxPython system and initialize the underlying
    gui toolkit
  * set and get application-wide properties
  * implement the windowing system main message or event loop,
    and to dispatch events to window instances
  * etc.

Every application must have a ``wx.App`` instance, and all
creation of UI objects should be delayed until after the
``wx.App`` object has been created in order to ensure that the gui
platform and wxWidgets have been fully initialized.

Normally you would derive from this class and implement an
``OnInit`` method that creates a frame and then calls

:see: `wx.PySimpleApp` for a simpler app class that can be used

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def wxPython_swig_interface._app_ex.App.__init__ (   self,
  redirect = _defRedirect,
  filename = None,
  useBestVisual = False,
  clearSigInt = True 
Construct a ``wx.App`` object.  

:param redirect: Should ``sys.stdout`` and ``sys.stderr`` be
    redirected?  Defaults to True on Windows and Mac, False
    otherwise.  If `filename` is None then output will be
    redirected to a window that pops up as needed.  (You can
    control what kind of window is created for the output by
    resetting the class variable ``outputWindowClass`` to a
    class of your choosing.)

:param filename: The name of a file to redirect output to, if
    redirect is True.

:param useBestVisual: Should the app try to use the best
    available visual provided by the system (only relevant on
    systems that have more than one visual.)  This parameter
    must be used instead of calling `SetUseBestVisual` later
    on because it must be set before the underlying GUI
    toolkit is initialized.

:param clearSigInt: Should SIGINT be cleared?  This allows the
    app to terminate upon a Ctrl-C in the console like other
    GUI apps will.

:note: You should override OnInit to do applicaition
    initialization to ensure that the system, toolkit and
    wxWidgets are fully initialized.

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def wxPython_swig_interface._app_ex.App.__del__ (   self,
  destroy = wx.PyApp.__del__ 

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Member Function Documentation

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Execute the main GUI event loop

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Things that must be done after _BootstrapApp has done its
thing, but would be nice if they were already done by the time
that OnInit is called.

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def wxPython_swig_interface._app_ex.App.RedirectStdio (   self,
  filename = None 
Redirect sys.stdout and sys.stderr to a file or a popup window.

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def wxPython_swig_interface._app_ex.App.SetOutputWindowAttributes (   self,
  title = None,
  pos = None,
  size = None 
Set the title, position and/or size of the output window if
the stdio has been redirected.  This should be called before
any output would cause the output window to be created.

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Set the \"main\" top level window

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Member Data Documentation

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