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uniq_pointer.hh File Reference

Definition of a reference counting smart pointer. More...

#include "utilmm/config/config.h"
#include "utilmm/smart/bits/ref_count_manager.hh"
#include "utilmm/smart/bits/uniq_memory.hh"
#include "utilmm/smart/pointer.hh"
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struct  utilmm::hash< smart::pointer< Manager > >
struct  utilmm::smart::uniq_pointer< Ty, Hash, Equal >
 Unique instance memory pointer definition traits. More...


namespace  utilmm
namespace  utilmm::smart

Smart pointers implementation.

Detailed Description

Definition of a reference counting smart pointer.

This header defines a smart pointer using reference counting garbage collection for life time management and unique instance memory

Frédéric Py <>

Definition in file uniq_pointer.hh.

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