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Factory design pattern

Factory design pattern implementation. More...

Collaboration diagram for Factory design pattern:


struct  utilmm::factory_toolbox::error< AbstractProduct, IdentifierType, Result >
 default utilmm::factory error policy More...
class  utilmm::factory_toolbox::error< AbstractProduct, IdentifierType, Result >::exception
 factory error exception More...
class  utilmm::factory< AbstractProduct, IdentifierType, Result, ProductCreator, FactoryErrorPolicy, OrderId >
 Generic Factory implementation. More...


namespace  utilmm::factory_toolbox

Toolbox for factory implementation.


file  factory.hh

Defintion of utilmm::factory.

file  factory_error.hh

Definition of utilmm::factory_toolbox::error.

file  factory_error_fwd.hh

Forward declaration of utilmm::factory_toolbox::error.

file  factory_fwd.hh

Forward declaration of utilmm::factory.

Detailed Description

Factory design pattern implementation.

This module include all the classes used to implement the factory design pattern.

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