Typelib::Indirect Member List
This is the complete list of members for Typelib::Indirect, including all inherited members.
Array enum valueTypelib::Type
canCastTo(Type const &to) const Typelib::Type
Category enum nameTypelib::Type
Compound enum valueTypelib::Type
Container enum valueTypelib::Type
dependsOn() const Typelib::Indirect [virtual]
do_compare(Type const &other, bool equality, RecursionStack &stack) const Typelib::Indirect [protected, virtual]
Typelib::Type::do_compare(Type const &other, bool equality, std::map< Type const *, Type const * > &stack) const Typelib::Type [protected, virtual]
do_merge(Registry &registry, RecursionStack &stack) const =0Typelib::Type [protected, pure virtual]
do_resize(Registry &registry, std::map< std::string, std::pair< size_t, size_t > > &new_sizes)Typelib::Indirect [protected, virtual]
Enum enum valueTypelib::Type
getBasename() const Typelib::Type
getCategory() const Typelib::Type
getIndirection() const Typelib::Indirect
getIndirectTypeName(std::string const &inside_name) const =0Typelib::Indirect [protected, pure virtual]
getName() const Typelib::Type
getNamespace() const Typelib::Type
getSize() const Typelib::Type
getTrailingPadding() const Typelib::Type [virtual]
Indirect(std::string const &name, size_t size, Category category, Type const &on)Typelib::Indirect
isNull() const Typelib::Type
isSame(Type const &other) const Typelib::Type
m_indirectionTypelib::Indirect [private]
merge(Registry &registry, RecursionStack &stack) const Typelib::Indirect [virtual]
Typelib::Type::merge(Registry &registry) const Typelib::Type
modifiedDependencyAliases(Registry &registry) const Typelib::Indirect [virtual]
NullType enum valueTypelib::Type
Numeric enum valueTypelib::Type
Opaque enum valueTypelib::Type
operator!=(Type const &with) const Typelib::Type
operator==(Type const &with) const Typelib::Type
Pointer enum valueTypelib::Type
rec_compare(Type const &left, Type const &right, bool equality, RecursionStack &stack) const Typelib::Type [protected]
RecursionStack typedefTypelib::Type
resize(Registry &registry, std::map< std::string, std::pair< size_t, size_t > > &new_sizes)Typelib::Type [virtual]
setName(const std::string &name)Typelib::Type
setSize(size_t size)Typelib::Type
try_merge(Registry &registry, RecursionStack &stack) const Typelib::Type [protected]
Type(const std::string &name, size_t size, Category category)Typelib::Type [protected]
ValidCategoriesTypelib::Type [static]
ValidIDsTypelib::Indirect [static]
~Type()Typelib::Type [virtual]

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