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treeiksolverpos_online.hpp File Reference
#include <vector>
#include <string>
#include "kdl/treeiksolver.hpp"
#include "kdl/treefksolver.hpp"
#include "kdl/jntarrayvel.hpp"
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class  KDL::TreeIkSolverPos_Online
 An inverse position kinematics solver for tree structures, optimized for online calculation Implementation of a general inverse position kinematics algorithm to calculate the position transformation from Cartesian to joint space of a general KDL::Tree. This class has been derived from the TreeIkSolverPos_NR_JL class, but was modified for online solving for use in real-time systems. Thus, the calculation is only done once, meaning that no iteration is done, because this solver is intended to run at a high frequency. It enforces velocity limits in task as well as in joint space. It also takes joint limits into account.


namespace  KDL

Author(s): Marcus Liebhardt
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