srs_object_database_msgs/GetData Service

File: srs_object_database_msgs/GetData.srv

Raw Message Definition

# retrieves the object id for a class of items

# is/ids of objects of which we will retrieve information
# if description is provided instead of description the service will first try to
# retrieve a list of object from the description

int32[] model_ids
string description

# information to be published

bool mesh
bool pcl
bool surf
bool image
bool grasp
bool urdf


# the outcome of the end service
string return_response

srs_object_database_msgs/img[] img
srs_object_database_msgs/mesh[] mesh
srs_object_database_msgs/pcl[] pcl
srs_object_database_msgs/surf[] surf
srs_object_database_msgs/grasp[] grasp
srs_object_database_msgs/urdf[] urdf

Compact Message Definition

int32[] model_ids
string description
bool mesh
bool pcl
bool surf
bool image
bool grasp
bool urdf

string return_response
srs_object_database_msgs/img[] img
srs_object_database_msgs/mesh[] mesh
srs_object_database_msgs/pcl[] pcl
srs_object_database_msgs/surf[] surf
srs_object_database_msgs/grasp[] grasp
srs_object_database_msgs/urdf[] urdf