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xbee.helpers.dispatch.dispatch.Dispatch Class Reference

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def __init__
def dispatch
def register
def run

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def xbee.helpers.dispatch.dispatch.Dispatch.__init__ (   self,
  ser = None,
  xbee = None 

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dispatch: XBee data dict -> None

When called, dispatch checks the given packet against each 
registered callback method and calls each callback whose filter 
function returns true.

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def xbee.helpers.dispatch.dispatch.Dispatch.register (   self,
register: string, function: string, data -> None, function: data -> boolean -> None

Register will save the given name, callback, and filter function
for use when a packet arrives. When one arrives, the filter
function will be called to determine whether to call its associated
callback function. If the filter method returns true, the callback
method will be called with its associated name string and the packet
which triggered the call.

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def (   self,
  oneshot = False 
run: boolean -> None

run will read and dispatch any packet which arrives from the 
XBee device

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