Todo List
Member gazebo::GazeboRosControllerManager::fake_state_
The fake state helps Gazebo run the transmissions backwards, so that it can figure out what its joints should do based on the actuator values.
Member gazebo::GazeboRosProsilica::OnNewImageFrame (const unsigned char *_image, unsigned int _width, unsigned int _height, unsigned int _depth, const std::string &_format)
: consider adding thumbnailing feature here if subscribed.
Member gazebo::GazeboRosProsilica::pollCallback (polled_camera::GetPolledImage::Request &req, polled_camera::GetPolledImage::Response &rsp, sensor_msgs::Image &image, sensor_msgs::CameraInfo &info)

Support binning (maybe just cv::resize)

Don't adjust K, P for ROI, set CameraInfo.roi fields instead

D parameter order is k1, k2, t1, t2, k3

: don't bother if there are no subscribers

: publish to ros, thumbnails and rect image in the Update call?

Author(s): Sachin Chitta, Stu Glaser, John Hsu
autogenerated on Thu Jan 2 2014 11:45:00