pr2_counterbalance_check Documentation

pr2_counterbalance_check: Checks the counterbalance of the PR2, recommends adjustments

pr2_counterbalance_check can be used as either a stand-alone tool to check the counterbalance, or as part of the PR2 Production Qualification system.

pr2_counterbalance_check allows users to calculate a recommened counterbalance adjustment. This helps keep the PR2 counterbalance working smoothly.

The tools in this package can be used as either a stand-alone utility to check the counterbalance on a PR2, or as part of the PR2 production qualification system.

Do NOT adjust the counterbalance of the PR2 without consulting the PR2 Manual. Adjusting the counterbalance is a risky procedure, and should be attempted with caution.

Author(s): Kevin Watts
autogenerated on Sat Dec 28 2013 17:30:27