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opencl_kernels.h File Reference
#include <parallel_common.h>
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namespace  parallel_ode


void parallel_ode::oclInitializeKernels (cl_context cxGPUContext, cl_command_queue cqParamCommandQue)
void parallel_ode::oclPGSReduce (cl_mem fc0_reduction, cl_mem fc1_reduction, ReduceStrategy *reduceStrategy)
void parallel_ode::oclPGSReduce (cl_mem fc0, cl_mem fc1, cl_mem fc0_reduction, cl_mem fc1_reduction, ReduceStrategy *reduceStrategy)
void parallel_ode::oclPGSSolve (int offset, int numConstraints, bool bUseAtomics)
void parallel_ode::oclPGSSolveInit (cl_mem bodyIDs, cl_mem fIDs, cl_mem j, cl_mem ij, cl_mem fc0, cl_mem fc1, cl_mem fc0_reduction, cl_mem fc1_reduction, cl_mem lambda, cl_mem adcfm, cl_mem rhs, cl_mem hilo, int bStride, int cStride, ReduceStrategy *reduceStrategy)
void parallel_ode::oclShutdownKernels (void)
void parallel_ode::oclZeroVector (cl_mem buffer, int bufferSize, bool bScalarType)

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