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hrl_fabric_based_tactile_sensor::adc_publisher_node Namespace Reference


def get_adc_data
def setup_serial


int baudrate = 115200
string dev_name = '/dev/ttyUSB4'
tuple fa = FloatArray()
tuple ln = serial_dev.readline()
tuple pub = rospy.Publisher('/arduino/ADC', FloatArray)
tuple serial_dev = setup_serial(dev_name, baudrate)

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def hrl_fabric_based_tactile_sensor.adc_publisher_node.get_adc_data (   serial_dev,

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tuple hrl_fabric_based_tactile_sensor::adc_publisher_node::pub = rospy.Publisher('/arduino/ADC', FloatArray)

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Author(s): Advait Jain, Advisor: Prof. Charles C. Kemp. Healthcare Robotics Lab, Georgia Tech
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