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functions.h File Reference
#include <hector_uav_msgs/RC.h>
#include <algorithm>
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namespace  hector_uav_msgs


static bool hector_uav_msgs::getAxis (const RC &rc, RC::_axis_function_type::value_type function, RC::_axis_type::value_type &value)
static const char * hector_uav_msgs::getFunctionString (uint8_t function)
static bool hector_uav_msgs::getSwitch (const RC &rc, RC::_swit_function_type::value_type function, RC::_swit_type::value_type &value)
static bool hector_uav_msgs::hasAxis (const RC &rc, RC::_axis_function_type::value_type function)
static bool hector_uav_msgs::hasSwitch (const RC &rc, RC::_swit_function_type::value_type function)
static void hector_uav_msgs::setAxis (RC &rc, RC::_axis_function_type::value_type function, RC::_axis_type::value_type value)
static void hector_uav_msgs::setSwitch (RC &rc, RC::_swit_function_type::value_type function, RC::_swit_type::value_type value)
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