ecl_io Documentation

ecl_io: Cross platform abstractions for implementation dependant and low-level io api

Most implementations (windows, posix, ...) have slightly different api for low level input-output functions. These are gathered here and re-represented with a cross platform set of functions.


This package provides cross platform api to some of the lower level socket functions available on different platforms. Currently there is only minor support for a few functions on:


Include the following at the top of any translation unit which requires this library:

        #include <ecl/io.hpp>

        // Cross platform functions
        using ecl::init_sockets;
        using ecl::shutdown_sockets;
        using ecl::poll_sockets;
        using ecl::close_socket;
        using ecl::socket_pair;

You will also need to link to -lecl_io.


A drop in for poll() on windoze is soon to come.


Really rough, no tests yet, just some examples.


Author(s): Daniel Stonier (
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