ecl::DataException< Data > Member List
This is the complete list of members for ecl::DataException< Data >, including all inherited members.
data() const ecl::DataException< Data > [inline]
DataException(const char *loc, ErrorFlag error, Data &d)ecl::DataException< Data >
DataException(const char *loc, ErrorFlag error, const std::string &msg, const Data &d)ecl::DataException< Data >
DataException(const char *loc, const DataException< Data > &e)ecl::DataException< Data >
error_dataecl::DataException< Data > [private]
error_typeecl::DataException< Data > [private]
Exception()ecl::Exception [inline, protected]
Exception(const char *loc)ecl::Exception [inline, protected]
flag() const ecl::DataException< Data > [inline]
locationecl::Exception [protected]
messageecl::DataException< Data > [private]
what() const ecl::DataException< Data > [virtual]
~DataException()ecl::DataException< Data > [inline, virtual]
~Exception()ecl::Exception [inline, virtual]

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