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namespace  change_id


string change_id::__author__ = 'Antons Rebguns'
string change_id.__copyright__ = 'Copyright (c) 2010-2011 Antons Rebguns'
string change_id.__email__ = ''
string change_id.__license__ = 'BSD'
string change_id.__maintainer__ = 'Antons Rebguns'
 change_id.baudrate = options.baud
tuple change_id.dxl_io = dynamixel_io.DynamixelIO(port, baudrate)
string = 'motors of specified controllers are connected to PORT [default: %default]'
tuple change_id.new_id = int(args[2])
tuple change_id.old_id = int(args[1])
tuple change_id.parser = OptionParser(usage='Usage: %prog [options] OLD_ID NEW_ID', description='Changes the unique ID of a Dynamixel servo motor.')
 change_id.port = options.port

Author(s): Antons Rebguns, Cody Jorgensen
autogenerated on Fri Jan 3 2014 11:19:42