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libdc1394 enumerated modes interface More...

#include <dc1394/dc1394.h>
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namespace  Modes


dc1394color_coding_t Modes::getColorCoding (dc1394camera_t *camera, dc1394video_mode_t video_mode, std::string &color_coding)
dc1394framerate_t Modes::getFrameRate (dc1394camera_t *camera, dc1394video_mode_t video_mode, double &frame_rate)
dc1394video_mode_t Modes::getVideoMode (dc1394camera_t *camera, std::string &video_mode)
bool Modes::setFrameRate (dc1394camera_t *camera, dc1394video_mode_t video_mode, double &frame_rate)
bool Modes::setIsoSpeed (dc1394camera_t *camera, int &iso_speed)

Detailed Description

libdc1394 enumerated modes interface

Functions to get or set libdc1394 modes corresponding to various Config parameters, limiting configured values to those actually supported by the device.

Jack O'Quin

Definition in file modes.h.

Author(s): Joan Pau Beltran (author), Miquel Massot/ (maintainer), Pep Lluis Negre/ (maintainer)
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