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The arduino_interface class contains details specifics to interfacing sensors with software using an Arduino as the physical hardware interface. Each instantiation of this class is specific to an Arduino hardware device, indentified by the serial port name. NOTE: To use this package, you must deactivate the Arduino's pullups on the SDA and SCL lines. By default, these pullups are enabled. To deactivate them, you must open the Wire library in your libraries folder and comment out two lines in the twi.c sketch. This class inherits the bosch_drivers_hardware_interface base class. In this manner, specific bosch_drivers_sensor_driver classes can access sensor data through the virtual functions provided by the parent bosch_drivers_hardware_interface class. The arduino_firmware directory contains a makefile and .ino code for building the hex files to upload to the Arduino. After a `make', type `make upload' to upload to firmware to the Arduino.

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