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Member nodelet::detail::CallbackQueueManager::QueueInfo::thread_index
Could get rid of st_mutex by updating [thread_index|in_thread] atomically

Member nodelet::detail::CallbackQueueManager::ThreadInfo::queue_mutex
SRSW lockfree queue

Member nodelet::detail::CallbackQueueManager::V_Queue
SRMW lockfree queue. waiting_mutex_ has the potential for a lot of contention

Member nodelet::detail::CallbackQueueManager::V_ThreadInfo
Use cache-aligned allocator for thread_info_

Member nodelet::Loader::clear ()
This isn't really safe - can result in worker threads for outstanding callbacks operating on nodelet data as/after it's destroyed.

Member nodelet::Nodelet::init (const std::string &name, const M_string &remapping_args, const V_string &my_argv, detail::CallbackQueueManager *callback_manager, boost::shared_ptr< bond::Bond > bond)
Move all detail:: stuff out of Nodelet, and init it with 2 ros::CallbackQueueInterface*.

Member nodelet::Nodelet::Loader
Fix interface so friending Loader isn't necessary
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