CanItf Member List

This is the complete list of members for CanItf, including all inherited members.
CAN_BECKHOFF enum valueCanItf
CAN_DUMMY enum valueCanItf
CAN_ESD enum valueCanItf
CAN_PEAK enum valueCanItf
CAN_PEAK_USN enum valueCanItf
CanItfType enum nameCanItf
getCanItfType()CanItf [inline]
init()=0CanItf [pure virtual]
isObjectMode()=0CanItf [pure virtual]
m_iCanItfTypeCanItf [private]
receiveMsg(CanMsg *pCMsg)=0CanItf [pure virtual]
receiveMsgRetry(CanMsg *pCMsg, int iNrOfRetry)=0CanItf [pure virtual]
setCanItfType(CanItfType iType)CanItf [inline]
transmitMsg(CanMsg CMsg, bool bBlocking=true)=0CanItf [pure virtual]
~CanItf()CanItf [inline, virtual]
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