art_msgs/Observation Message

File: art_msgs/Observation.msg

Raw Message Definition

# result returned from a single observer
# $Id: Observation.msg 1614 2011-08-06 21:02:59Z jack.oquin $

# possible observer ID values
int32 Nearest_forward    = 0 # current or closest lane
int32 Nearest_backward   = 1                  
int32 Adjacent_left  = 2 # adjacent left or right lane
int32 Adjacent_right  = 3
int32 All_left  = 4 # all left or right lanes
int32 All_right   = 5
int32 Merge_into_nearest = 6            # merge into nearest lane on diff seg
int32 Merge_across_all   = 7            # merge across all lanes on diff seg
int32 Intersection  = 8 # stop sign intersection precedence
int32 N_Observers        = 9

int32  oid                      # observer ID
string name                     # observer name

bool applicable                 # true if obseravation is applicable
bool clear                      # true if clear to go

# optional time and distance to nearest obstacle
# (only reported by some observers)
float32 time
float32 distance
float32 velocity
int32 nobjects   # number of objects

Compact Message Definition

int32 Nearest_forward=0
int32 Nearest_backward=1
int32 Adjacent_left=2
int32 Adjacent_right=3
int32 All_left=4
int32 All_right=5
int32 Merge_into_nearest=6
int32 Merge_across_all=7
int32 Intersection=8
int32 N_Observers=9
int32 oid
string name
bool applicable
bool clear
float32 time
float32 distance
float32 velocity
int32 nobjects