art_msgs/ArtQuadrilateral Message

File: art_msgs/ArtQuadrilateral.msg

Raw Message Definition

# ART quadrilateral polygon
# $Id: ArtQuadrilateral.msg 614 2010-09-24 15:08:46Z jack.oquin $

# Each of these polygons is a quadrilateral.  The four vertex points
# are ordered relative to the heading of the lane containing it.

geometry_msgs/Polygon poly
int32 bottom_left  = 0
int32 top_left     = 1
int32 top_right    = 2
int32 bottom_right = 3
int32 quad_size = 4

geometry_msgs/Point midpoint # Middle of the polygon

float32 heading         # average of right and left boundary headings
float32 length          # length of the polygon
int32 poly_id           # unique MapLanes ID

bool is_stop            # this poly has a stop waypoint
bool is_transition      # not a lane polygon, no waypoint
bool contains_way       # both start_way and end_way are the contained waypoint

MapID start_way
MapID end_way

LaneMarking left_boundary
LaneMarking right_boundary

Compact Message Definition

int32 bottom_left=0
int32 top_left=1
int32 top_right=2
int32 bottom_right=3
int32 quad_size=4
geometry_msgs/Polygon poly
geometry_msgs/Point midpoint
float32 heading
float32 length
int32 poly_id
bool is_stop
bool is_transition
bool contains_way
art_msgs/MapID start_way
art_msgs/MapID end_way
art_msgs/LaneMarking left_boundary
art_msgs/LaneMarking right_boundary