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def __init__
def run

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Listen for request to rumble and LED blinking.

Subscribes to topics /rumble and /leds, listening for RumbleControl 
and LEDControl messages.

Parameters: The switch_mode field is either
-1.0 to turn rumble on, zero to turn it off, or a 
positive float. If switch_mode is such a positive number,
it is taken to be the repeat count for an on/off rumble
pattern (see next parameter) 

The pulse_pattern is a float32[MAX_RUMBLE_PATTERN_LENGTH],
which contains fractional seconds that rumble is to be
on or off.

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def wiimote_node::WiimoteListeners::__init__ (   self,

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def wiimote_node::WiimoteListeners::run (   self  ) 

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