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velodyne_viz: Velodyne HDL-64E LIDAR visualization

Tools for visualizing Velodyne LIDAR data in three dimensions. Making this a separate package allows the other Velodyne packages to build on machines with poor 3D graphics support. The rviz 3D visualization is excellent, but it depends on OGRE, which is hard to build on some machines and only useful for machines with good 3D graphics.

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  • Launch Command Examples

    Visualize data coming directly from the device as a point cloud using rviz.

    $ roslaunch velodyne_viz dev.launch

    Visualize a bag file as a point cloud using rviz.

    $ BAG=/full/path/to/file.bag roslaunch velodyne_viz bag.launch

    Visualize a Velodyne PCAP dump file as a point cloud using rviz. Keep repeating the data after reaching end of file.

    $ PCAP=/full/path/to/file.pcap roslaunch velodyne_viz pcap.launch
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