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This C++ library is designed to be easy to use and portable for fast video saving, loading and display. It supports OpenGL and X Windows. It is released under the LGPL License.




Video for Linux 2 devices

Firewire over USB cameras produced by PointGrey - see
Use DVBuffer3 for that and make sure to set an image resolution

Colorspace conversions on images and video streams



LibCVD will compile on any reasonable unixy environment, with a reasonable C++ compiler (e.g. gcc version >= 3.1) and GNU Make. Additionally, libCVD supports both normal and cross compilers. It is known to work on:

-Well tested (current):

-Has worked on (current status unknown):


The normal system works:

        make install

libCVD fully supports parallel builds (make -j2 for instance).

Library bugs/issues

There are a few known library bugs which prevent the libraries working with libCVD

Compiler bugs

There are a few known compiler bugs which affect libCVD on various platforms.


For Win32 systems, the build directory contains project files for different versions of Visual Studio. Currently the vc2008 solutin is supported and should work out of the box. There are two projects, one for compiling libcvd and one for installing it into a common directory tree. Both projects assume the existence of three environment variables describing the location of header, library and binary files (for DLLs).

libCVD requires at least two libraries to compile:

Both libraries should be moved into the directory tree described by INCLUDEDIR, LIBDIR and BINDIR where the libCVD project files will expect them.

libCVD compiles to static libraries for simpler linking and to avoid the _dllexport/_dllimport statements throughout the code.

Configuration of features is manual through a default config file in build/vc2005/config.h. Edit this file to change your configuration, for example to support other image formats such as PNG.

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