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face_detector: face_detector

Face detection in images.

  • Homepage: http://ros.org/wiki/face_detector
  • face_detector is a package containing algorithms and nodes related to the detection of faces.


    See launch/face_dector.wide.launch to launch in continuous detection mode, or launch/face_detector_action.wide.launch to launch as an action.

    classifier_name A readable string name for the classifier. Will be published with the result.
    classifier_filename Full path to the trained haar cascade. Currently useful cascades are haar_frontalface_alt.xml and haar_profileface.xml in opencv2
    classifier_reliability Double 0-1. Some notion of the classifier's reliability for use in a larger system.
    do_continuous true = Run continuously. false = Wait for action call
    do_publish_faces_of_unknown_size true = If depth info is not available, publish the resulting face with a position of (0,0,0). false = Don't publish faces if stereo information isn't available.
    do_display none = Don't display anything. local = Display in an OpenCV window.
    face_size_min_m Double. The minimum width of a face, in meters. Defaults to 0.1m.
    face_size_max_m Double. The maximum width of a face, in meters. Defaults to 0.5m.
    max_face_z_m Double. The maximum distance of a face from the camera, in meters. (In the camera frame, depth is along the z-axis.) Defaults to 8.0m.
    face_separation_dist_m Double. Only used for tracking. The maximum distance between two face detections before they are considered different faces. Defaults to 1.0m.

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