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distance_field: Computes euclidean distance transforms (EDT) of a 3-D voxel grid

This package contains algorithms that can compute the Euclidean Distance Transform (EDT) of a 3-D voxel grid. The input to these algorithms is an array of points (which could represent the positions of obstacles in the world). The EDT provides a voxel grid in which in which each cell contains the distance to the closest obstacle. The VoxelGrid class can also be used as a generic, templatized container for a discretized 3-D voxel grid.

  • Homepage: http://ros.org/wiki/distance_field
  • Code API

    All implementations derive from the distance_field::DistanceField class. There are two implementations currently available - distance_field::PropagationDistanceField and distance_field::PFDistanceField (see the docs on individual classes for details). The main functions you will need to use these are:


    This package is just a library and contains no ROS nodes.

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