rosgraph_msgs/TopicStatistics Message

File: rosgraph_msgs/TopicStatistics.msg

Raw Message Definition

# name of the topic
string topic

# node id of the publisher
string node_pub

# node id of the subscriber
string node_sub

# the statistics apply to this time window
time window_start
time window_stop

# number of messages delivered during the window
int32 delivered_msgs
# numbers of messages dropped during the window
int32 dropped_msgs

# traffic during the window, in bytes
int32 traffic

# mean/stddev/max period between two messages
duration period_mean
duration period_stddev
duration period_max

# mean/stddev/max age of the message based on the
# timestamp in the message header. In case the
# message does not have a header, it will be 0.
duration stamp_age_mean
duration stamp_age_stddev
duration stamp_age_max

Compact Message Definition

string topic
string node_pub
string node_sub
time window_start
time window_stop
int32 delivered_msgs
int32 dropped_msgs
int32 traffic
duration period_mean
duration period_stddev
duration period_max
duration stamp_age_mean
duration stamp_age_stddev
duration stamp_age_max