fcl::SplineMotion< S > Member List

This is the complete list of members for fcl::SplineMotion< S >, including all inherited members.

computeDWMax() constfcl::SplineMotion< S >
computeMotionBound(const BVMotionBoundVisitor< S > &mb_visitor) const overridefcl::SplineMotion< S >
computeMotionBound(const TriangleMotionBoundVisitor< S > &mb_visitor) const overridefcl::SplineMotion< S >
computeSplineParameter()fcl::SplineMotion< S >protected
computeTBound(const Vector3< S > &n) constfcl::SplineMotion< S >
getCurrentTime() constfcl::SplineMotion< S >
getCurrentTransform(Transform3< S > &tf_) const overridefcl::SplineMotion< S >
getTaylorModel(TMatrix3< S > &tm, TVector3< S > &tv) const overridefcl::SplineMotion< S >
getWeight0(S t) constfcl::SplineMotion< S >protected
getWeight1(S t) constfcl::SplineMotion< S >protected
getWeight2(S t) constfcl::SplineMotion< S >protected
getWeight3(S t) constfcl::SplineMotion< S >protected
integrate(S dt) const overridefcl::SplineMotion< S >
RAfcl::SplineMotion< S >protected
RBfcl::SplineMotion< S >protected
RCfcl::SplineMotion< S >protected
Rdfcl::SplineMotion< S >protected
Rd0Rd0fcl::SplineMotion< S >protected
Rd0Rd1fcl::SplineMotion< S >protected
Rd0Rd2fcl::SplineMotion< S >protected
Rd0Rd3fcl::SplineMotion< S >protected
Rd1Rd1fcl::SplineMotion< S >protected
Rd1Rd2fcl::SplineMotion< S >protected
Rd1Rd3fcl::SplineMotion< S >protected
Rd2Rd2fcl::SplineMotion< S >protected
Rd2Rd3fcl::SplineMotion< S >protected
Rd3Rd3fcl::SplineMotion< S >protected
SplineMotion(const Vector3< S > &Td0, const Vector3< S > &Td1, const Vector3< S > &Td2, const Vector3< S > &Td3, const Vector3< S > &Rd0, const Vector3< S > &Rd1, const Vector3< S > &Rd2, const Vector3< S > &Rd3)fcl::SplineMotion< S >
SplineMotion(const Matrix3< S > &R1, const Vector3< S > &T1, const Matrix3< S > &R2, const Vector3< S > &T2)fcl::SplineMotion< S >
SplineMotion(const Transform3< S > &tf1, const Transform3< S > &tf2)fcl::SplineMotion< S >
TAfcl::SplineMotion< S >protected
TBfcl::SplineMotion< S >protected
TCfcl::SplineMotion< S >protected
Tdfcl::SplineMotion< S >protected
tffcl::SplineMotion< S >mutableprotected
tf_tfcl::SplineMotion< S >mutableprotected

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