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BVH_front.h File Reference
#include <list>
#include "fcl/export.h"
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struct  fcl::detail::BVHFrontNode
 Front list acceleration for collision Front list is a set of internal and leaf nodes in the BVTT hierarchy, where the traversal terminates while performing a query during a given time instance. The front list reflects the subset of a BVTT that is traversed for that particular proximity query. More...


 Main namespace.


using fcl::detail::BVHFrontList = std::list< BVHFrontNode >
 BVH front list is a list of front nodes. More...


FCL_EXPORT void fcl::detail::updateFrontList (BVHFrontList *front_list, int b1, int b2)
 Add new front node into the front list. More...

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