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zeroconf_jmdns: the java zeroconf'ing library

Uses the sources from jmnds and builds them in place in the ros environment.


I've checked out the latest sources for the jmdns project and dumped them into a ros package. This just compiles the jar library file (not the tools).

Currently it serves mostly to help develop the android jmdns package (developing/testing on the pc is easier than the android), though feasibly it could be developed to the level of the zeroconf_avahi class.

Original Package

The original jmdns download:

svn co https://jmdns.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/jmdns/trunk@321 ./jmdns

I've copied the sources into the src directory and also grabbed the pom file. Note that the groupID, artifactID and version in the manifest.xml have to match with the pom file specifications.

The original download can be built with 'ant jar'. It has a few tools you can use for testing. For publishing:

java -jar jmdns.jar -rs foobar _concert-master._tcp local. 1234

For browsing:

java -jar jmdns.jar -browse


Might have missed a couple of early ones

This is important on android because when the app calls onDestroy, it doesn't kill the actual process (faster startup times). If you don't kill the actual process, then static class variables aren't cleaned. Normal variables are cleaned though.

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