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planning_models::KinematicModel::AttachedBodyModelClass defining bodies that can be attached to robot links. This is useful when handling objects picked up by the robot
planning_models::KinematicModel::FixedJointModelA fixed joint
planning_models::KinematicModel::FloatingJointModelA floating joint
planning_models::KinematicModel::JointModelA joint from the robot. Contains the transform applied by the joint type
planning_models::KinematicState::JointStateForward definition of a joint group state
planning_models::KinematicModelDefinition of a kinematic model. This class is not thread safe, however multiple instances can be created
planning_models::KinematicStateDefinition of a kinematic state - the parts of the robot state which can change. It is not thread safe, however multiple instances can be created
planning_models::KinematicModel::LinkModelA link from the robot. Contains the constant transform applied to the link and its geometry
planning_models::KinematicModel::PlanarJointModelA planar joint
planning_models::KinematicModel::PrismaticJointModelA prismatic joint
planning_models::KinematicModel::RevoluteJointModelA revolute joint
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