dynamixel_workbench_msgs/XM Message

File: dynamixel_workbench_msgs/XM.msg

Raw Message Definition

# This message is compatible with control table of Dynamixel XM Series (XM430-W210, XM430-W350)
# If you want to specific information about control table, please follow the link (http://support.robotis.com/en/)

uint16 Model_Number
uint8  Firmware_Version
uint8  ID
uint8  Baud_Rate
uint8  Return_Delay_Time
uint8  Drive_Mode
uint8  Operating_Mode
uint8  Secondary_ID
uint8  Protocol_Version
int32  Homing_Offset
uint32 Moving_Threshold
uint8  Temperature_Limit
uint16 Max_Voltage_Limit
uint16 Min_Voltage_Limit
uint16 PWM_Limit
uint16 Current_Limit
uint32 Acceleration_Limit
uint32 Velocity_Limit
uint32 Max_Position_Limit
uint32 Min_Position_Limit
uint8  Shutdown

uint8  Torque_Enable
uint8  LED
uint8  Status_Return_Level
uint8  Registered_Instruction
uint8  Hardware_Error_Status
uint16 Velocity_I_Gain
uint16 Velocity_P_Gain
uint16 Position_D_Gain
uint16 Position_I_Gain
uint16 Position_P_Gain
uint16 Feedforward_2nd_Gain
uint16 Feedforward_1st_Gain
uint8  Bus_Watchdog
int16  Goal_PWM
int16  Goal_Current
int32  Goal_Velocity
uint32 Profile_Acceleration
uint32 Profile_Velocity
uint32 Goal_Position
uint16 Realtime_Tick
uint8  Moving
uint8  Moving_Status
int16  Present_PWM
int16  Present_Load
int16  Present_Current
int32  Present_Velocity
int32  Present_Position
uint32 Velocity_Trajectory
uint32 Position_Trajectory
uint16 Present_Input_Voltage
uint8  Present_Temperature

Compact Message Definition

uint16 Model_Number
uint8 Firmware_Version
uint8 ID
uint8 Baud_Rate
uint8 Return_Delay_Time
uint8 Drive_Mode
uint8 Operating_Mode
uint8 Secondary_ID
uint8 Protocol_Version
int32 Homing_Offset
uint32 Moving_Threshold
uint8 Temperature_Limit
uint16 Max_Voltage_Limit
uint16 Min_Voltage_Limit
uint16 PWM_Limit
uint16 Current_Limit
uint32 Acceleration_Limit
uint32 Velocity_Limit
uint32 Max_Position_Limit
uint32 Min_Position_Limit
uint8 Shutdown
uint8 Torque_Enable
uint8 LED
uint8 Status_Return_Level
uint8 Registered_Instruction
uint8 Hardware_Error_Status
uint16 Velocity_I_Gain
uint16 Velocity_P_Gain
uint16 Position_D_Gain
uint16 Position_I_Gain
uint16 Position_P_Gain
uint16 Feedforward_2nd_Gain
uint16 Feedforward_1st_Gain
uint8 Bus_Watchdog
int16 Goal_PWM
int16 Goal_Current
int32 Goal_Velocity
uint32 Profile_Acceleration
uint32 Profile_Velocity
uint32 Goal_Position
uint16 Realtime_Tick
uint8 Moving
uint8 Moving_Status
int16 Present_PWM
int16 Present_Load
int16 Present_Current
int32 Present_Velocity
int32 Present_Position
uint32 Velocity_Trajectory
uint32 Position_Trajectory
uint16 Present_Input_Voltage
uint8 Present_Temperature